The cool, tropic breeze gently caresses my skin drying the soft sweat of our love making from my face, my shoulders, my thighs.  I look up at you, the sun glinting off damp, curls that frame your face.   Your eyes capture mine refusing to release me.  I sink into them even as I yield to you once again.    

The shining ocean surrounds us, a mirror mimicking the azure blue heavens.  You and I like the sea and sky melting into one another, separate yet the point of separation impossible to define.  Nothing else in the world exists at this moment . . . nothing, but your touch, my response and our feral passion. 

One lone gull laughs at us and we laugh back still wrapped in each other and the elation of our ardent grasp.  The sapphire seas embrace us as we embrace one another.   Could the aura of our rhapsody out shine the sun?  Is that celestial body jealous of the radiance of our erotic ecstasy? 

I feel your weight lift from me and my body mourns the loss of you for that instant as you leave me.  We lay spent, shoulders and thighs still touching blissful in the warm sunshine and sensual glow.  Slowly, I turn to face you.  You smile, I blush.  Our lips meet in an impassioned kiss as again we fall into the well.  

But its just an alluring dream, my secret fantasy.  Need I make it happen alone?  Did you see it as you read?  Did you sense the enchantment I cast for you? Did you feel my seduction reaching out to you?  Yes, then tonight we meet in our minds as we both fantasize about you and I under an azure blue sky.