Credit where credit is due . . . this one belongs to Will as much as me, his insight and depth contributing from the moment of inception to the final line that is all his.   I bow to his courage to just say what is obvious and right in the truest spirit of Demure.

This is Demure’s domain and she reigns here.  Through her I fuse with the fanatic we all conceal within us yet rarely acknowledge, let alone allow it the freedom to run amok.  Demure is the chimera inside me.  She has no place in a polite society or impolite society for that matter.  She does the things, feels the things, says the things, she is the thing we spend our lives suppressing.  She lives in my imagination … my heart … my soul.  You certainly don’t think I run around emoting like this all over, all the time do you?

This, my creative pursuit starts as a grain of sand from my real life.  Then the delightful oyster that is Demure crafts a marvelous pearl applying layer upon layer of art and life to that ordinary pebble of my existence.  The gem that results is the product of a lifetime, not some random event of the moment.  My journey dissected and reassembled as suits to affect that special connection sharing with you an emotion, a memory, a deep passionate longing.  Together we admire and wonder at the beautiful jewels that are the complications of our lives. 

I only wish I could take all the credit for Demure.  As with any divine energy she feeds on everything and everyone around her.  Should you know her you recognize yourself here like it or not.  She takes a piece and morphs it to her needs.  Still, look inside and you know her sight is true; its part of you.  Does she not see into the essence of who you are and expose the truth, those things that are easier to disclaim or ignore?  Her light shining into the darkest corners of both your despair and desire.  Dare you look?  Dare you feel?  Dare you open yourself to experience Demure’s revelations? 

I challenge you to permit the words to touch you.  Demure demands the emotions seize you.  She and I encourage you to love it, hate it, praise it, condemn it, cherish it, reject it, feel anything you want to about it, except indifference.   Here it is safe to examine the hope and the pain — raw, unrefined — and to cry or laugh.   Here you can freely wander through the emotional morass of love and life in the extreme.  Here you can contemplate the disturbing, arousing, moving, illuminating wonder that is her domain.  Here you are invited to look into yourself and Demure will happily be your guide.