Destiny . . . Fate . . . the choices that we made . . . does it matter how we got here? You traveled down a path I could only dream of, your journey like a fantasy to me.  My passage a self-inflected limbo bowing to the dictates of others and social mores.  Yet, somehow those paths crossed at just the right moment for us to meet, at just that instant when the pendulums of our lives had swung from their extremes to the only place we could have found our commonality.  On the surface, there was nothing we shared, except my interest in life and your experience having lived it in the extreme.   

We each had our walls firmly erected.  Mine to keep people away.  Yours to keep love at bay.  In the end we are no different, we both fear attachment.  Our barriers failed us.  I let you into my soul.  You let me into your heart.  How could it be otherwise?  What we have isn’t anything common in this life, but something beyond.  Its instinctual, its as if we have shared forever.  Boundaries are useless with that type of affinity.  

Our bodies understood without reserve.  Physical expression being outside the structure of intellectual constraints was effortless and immediate between us.  In that corporeal bond we release to our most base essence and a unison flows over us that can’t be explained.  Our passion transcends lust.  Its like we’ve been wrapped in this sensual embrace countless times so as to have it become second nature. 

Ironic the nexus joining us is the very force that must tear us apart.  This is not our time . . . our pendulums swinging away from one another already.  Both strong-willed beyond compromise.  Both driven toward our goals regardless of the cost.  Both suspect of anything that happens so effortlessly.  Both too jaded, too damaged, too afraid.  Neither willing to make sacrifice for a relationship with each other or anyone else.    

So not now, but in another time or place we will come together again.  Its all the same anyway.  Our empathy is too strong to have been random.  We have been together. We are together.  We will be together.  It’s a cycle building on itself, a cosmic influence.  We both sense it.  No two people coalesce into one in so brief an encounter unless we have been together before and will be again.  Our souls are linked in infinity.   

All things in their time and that’s as it should be.  I can’t lose you.  You can’t lose me.  We are part of each other and only parted for awhile.  There’s no good bye . . . only till next time.  Maybe then we’ll get it right . . . or not.  It is what it is and that’s what its supposed to be . . . just us.