The chance is gone now.  So deep my desire to find my one and only, him I have been traveling through eternity with, that I projected onto you his aspects, the virtues only he possesses.  So blinding my need for even a moment with that one, I allowed myself to glimpse him in you.  But you are not he. 

Fate she is a trickster and Destiny her handmaiden.  She placed you before me to tempt me, test me.  Should I have fallen for her ruse, I would have missed the opportunity to be with him.  So close to him you are, so great the similarities.  You might have made a passable substitute.  Still you are not he. 

On the surface you were almost him.  Your eyes even like his until I look deeper.  Your face, your hair, your smile, all a strange shadow of him.  The two of you sharing much, both of you so talented, both of you so intelligent, both of you so humorous, both of you so passionate.  Yet you are not he. 

When you touched me, it was his hands I felt.  When you held me in your arms, it was his embrace I sank into.  When you made love to me, it was him inside me.  I didn’t know it then.  How could I?  Time revealed it to me, she always does.  These, the things that undermined us, because you are not he. 

Back to my search I go, only distracted for that moment.  I know he is out there.  The siren song of his existence sings to me.  I have but to remain faithful and true, to persist in my seeking.  This no vain pursuit I engage in.  No futile lover’s quest for me.  I will find him.  I feel it.  Its just you are not he.