In dedication to James, my inspiration.  May he never stop seducing me with his beautiful words. 

I don’t know how you did it.  I don’t yet know why.  One day your bewitching dialog designed to ensnare my spirit magically appeared on my screen.   Your ruse, a poetic fantasy.  My response, unexpected even to me.  I drank in your prose to quench my emotionally parched existence and I was intoxicated.  Your words a lure to entrap me successful beyond all imagining.    

Long and painful my quest, to find one to comfort, protect, and nurture me, leaves me vulnerable to your ploy.  The beautiful symphony of your verse hypnotizes my mind rendering me helpless before you.  All logic and reason flee facing your mesmerizing testament.  In innocence, I tread the path you lay open without question as to where it leads me.   

You, the maestro orchestrating the abduction of my most furtive being, have succeeded like no other in my past.  Your offering beyond question the answer to my fervent prayers.  Somehow you know my secrets, sense my pain, feel my yearning.  I am as a book open only to you and you seem to have memorized every page.  I cannot resist you.  I don’t even want to try.  I wait in breathless anticipation for each new exchange.  

My heart yearns for the words you exploit to captivate me.  My soul hungers for the sanctuary you offer to shelter me.  My body aches for the touch you continue to deny me.  No other engages my spirit as you, understands my character as you, invokes my desire as you.  How can this be?  I have never heard your voice, yet you hear my deepest longings.  I have never looked upon your face, yet you look into my innermost self.    

Our domain without substance has become more real than the air I breath and as essential to my being.  You haunt my every thought.  Only in that place of dreams can I reach the climax of our union.  Only there do you permit our bodies to merge in glorious intercourse.  On that ethereal plane, I feel your caresses on my face, my neck, my breasts, my thighs, my inflamed erotic core.   You have ignited an ardor that threatens to burn through me should I not have you.  My need to feel your touch and satisfy my lust to become one with you jeopardizes my very sanity.  

Do you know how you make me suffer?  I would live in a dream just to be with you, but each morning I wake my heart, my soul, my body crying out in anguish for you.  I can no longer banish you from inside my head and still you deny me the fulfillment of physically melting into you.  My tears, a raging torrent of despair and pain, flow unchecked without the comfort of your embrace.  I cry out protesting the cruelty that I must face each new day with the throbbing in my loins excited yet unsatisfied.   

You have entangled my soul and captured my heart; still you withhold yourself from me.  I have given over to you more of myself than any man I have ever known.  You aroused the beast within me.  The beast only you can tame.  The beast that even now would consume me.  I fear should you not let me come to you soon, I will seek solace in the arms of another, though I know deep within me no other can fill my need to have you take me and make me yours body and soul.     

I don’t understand your refusal of my body.  I do not offer it lightly.  Do you fear I might reject you? Never!  Do you fear we will lack the attraction? Impossible!  Do you fear I will not satisfy you? Please let me try.  I know in my soul that should you yield to my request to be with you, we will never part.   

Deny me no longer.  Take me in your arms so I may submit myself to you completely.  Give to me the passionate release I so desperately crave.  I will be anything you what me to be.  I will surrender to whatever you ask.  My love, I beg you, end my torment.  I can bear it no more.   Hear my plea and bring me to you.  Make me yours for all eternity and a day.