Once again its over
I never understand what goes wrong,
As always the one I want doesn’t need me.
Back to the parade.
An eternal procession of faceless men,
Their groping hands on my unfeeling body.
It’s a strange place I go for solace and safety.
Random engagements without any meaning.
My vain attempt to feel connected to the world.
I only return to their arms for ego’s sake.
The darkness whispers.
Why bother with this endless struggle?
What reason to continue the futile pursuit?

So why not end it?
Is it my hope or just my cowardice,
Holding me to this plane of existence?

I watch as the cigarette smoke curls in the air.
They promised it would kill me, alas not yet.
There must be a quicker way to reach the end.
Maybe I’ll just sue for misrepresentation.